Beyond Beads Gallery celebrated 21 years in business!

Beyond Beads Gallery
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

Beyond Beads Gallery in Spokane Valley, Washington had the WOW factor. Upon stepping into the store you realized you were in a magical place. Looking around you wondered which direction to go first...toward the crystals, seed beads or stones. It was a place of comfort and quietness - a place to relax and be inspired. Now, after 21 years in business, Beyond Beads has closed it's doors.

Jody Young, owner and operator of Beyond Beads Gallery, offered the best selection of beads, crystals, stones, beading supplies and tools in Spokane and the Inland Northwest. She offered classes for the novice, the intermediate and the experience beader. Her success can be attributed to the fact that she welcomed changes in the industry; always embracing new and evolving trends in the beading world, yet staying true to the basic concept of beading.
Closing the store was not easy for Jody. The store, her employees and the many customers she has known and worked with over the years, were and will continue to be an integral part of who Jody is.  She loves and appreciates each and every one of you.
A special thank you  goes to Summer Melaas, store manager for many years. Coming to the store in 1996 with minimal beading skills, her curiousity and willingness to learn brought out her incredible talent. She learned to create the most amazing designs, although it was her inherent sense of color that she came to be known for.  She could put color and components together on the fly that would inspire creativity and make any project pop! 
Jody wishes the best of luck to Summer and all employees, past and present.

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Spokane, WA 99206
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Thank you Jody for 21 years of Love, Light and Sparkles!
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